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C.A.P. has material in many places. Training and forms and online courses. Below are indepth links to Emergency Service training materials, INCLUDING courses through… CAP,… CAP University,.. and EServices.. . TO DO your online monthly safety visit the safety eservices link below.


1. All About EMS: Operations, Forms, Flight Ops, etc. EMS CAP.

2. Education & Training : EMS: Training Materials. list of training materials.

3. CAP University. CCPT 1, Level 1, Best Practices, Cadet Programs, etc: CAP University

Note : A variety of external training is also available and recommended for CAP members: Online courses available at FEMA. These are online courses available to anyone. They are developed and maintained by DHS. Many CAP Personnel need to take IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 and/or IS-800 to be NIMS compliant.

List of online Courses and Exams. Learn something new!
Big List Of Courses
offered by CAP. Expand you education and level!
SAFETY eServices TEST :
The monthly test needed to participate in CAP activities:
Safety Online Test .

Check to see if your up to date.

List of IMPORTANT Forms:
Activity & Regulation Forms.
This is a very indepth list. Set up by CAP.


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Coastal Patrol 18 Hosts MASAR

Coastal Patrol 18 Hosts MASAR

Coastal Patrol 18 Composite Squadron was excited to be the host for MASAR School attendees from the 19th -22nd of April. The members of Coastal Patrol 18 made sure that the new cadet building, the grounds, barracks, and senior member building were in great condition and available for those who would be arriving. 2nd Lt.
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FEMA ICS 100, 200, 700 and CAP 116 es Tests

FEMA ICS 100, 200, 700 and CAP 116 es Tests

Along with the required online cap course 116 for ES TRAINING found at: https://tests.cap.af.mil/newtests/test.cfm?grp=dos IN ORDER TO BE NIMS COMPLIANT: & For *CERT TRAINING.. See the below online courses. Please note after taking the FEMA Courses:: Please save the PDF Certificate, Given to you at the end. Please then email it to our ES officer  Lt.
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if attending the upcoming MASAR Plese check with ES Officer Marotta; at next meeting to be sure you have everything and are qualified to participate: 24 HOUR GEAR BDUs with CAP ID, 101 card Green task guide Hunter orange reflective vest & hunter orange ski cap forthis bivouac Notepad and pen Watch Tissues or handkerchief:
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Cadets in Emergency Services/Mission Scanner

The question of Cadets performing in Emergency Services has come up from time to time. The information made available here is taken from the CAP Knowledgebase: Performing operational missions Cadets not yet 18 are expressly prohibited from flight related activities, with excecption made for transportation to, or from a mission by flight expresspley being allowed
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2/27/12 Colonel Lynch, 2nd Lt Moratta, 2nd Lt Doughty, C/A1c Doughty, and C/SrA D. Marshall reponded to a call to perform a mission to find an E.L.T in Northern westport MA. An ELT sends out a signal when a boat goes down, or if its position is compromised. We met up with 2 other CAP
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